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Bark Busters Home Dog Training works with all kinds of dogs.  We will help an owner manage and train any dog, no  matter the age of the dog, the breed of the dog, or the issues the dog has.  Specializing in dog behavior presents a variety of challenges to a dog trainer.  Every situation, every household, and every dog are different.  It makes each day in the dog training world  interesting.

Bark Busters is not a cookie cutter dog training approach.  The dog training techniques and dog training methods are customized for each situation.

Here are some of the dogs and families  I’ve worked with this year.  Their owners have learned how to “speak dog” – a unique way to communicate and interact with their dog(s).  It’s a simple and  effective dog training program.


First lesson of the new year – Mahi on the left and Buck on the right (hard to see because he blends into the couch).  The dogs and their owners recently moved into an apartment and needed help with jumping and walking on leash as they had lived in a fenced yard before.  Buck in particular was more reactive to dogs while on walks.


Peaches is a nine-year-old Lab who had been driving her owner’s crazy for years because she was constantly barking for attention.   They could not have guests over without her being all over them, and if they tried to ignore her, she would bark.  On walks, if she saw a dog, she would bark and pull because she wanted to meet them.  Within a short time, Peaches was settling down nicely.  Her leash habits were greatly improved and she knew to stay on one side.  And her owner knew what to do when he encountered another dog.  A few days after the first session, they had company over – AND – peace and quiet.  Peaches’ “”Dad” has already recommended Bark Busters to a few neighbors.


Charlie is a 5 month old hound mix puppy with long legs and lots of energy.  His owners have had dogs before, but never a puppy, so their vet recommended they give me a call.  Charlie was just doing normal puppy behaviors – jumping, play biting, chewing, pulling, and putting his paws up on the counter.  He also did not want anyone to trim his nails.    His owners are working diligently with him now, and “Dad” told me I got a thumbs up from “Mom” as they have seen significant improvement already.


Rico is a 7 month old Beagle, and the first dog for this family.  He has chewed up  furniture, and still needs some housetraining help.  Confinement and supervision are key with a puppy, especially with our wide open Florida floor plans.  We now have a plan and some new rules in place for this high-energy puppy.


King, a two-pound, four-month-old Yorkie was already starting to rule his domain, so his owners enrolled him in the Puppy Management Program.  His “Dad” later wrote a review:  “Joanne was awesome! As new pet/puppy owners, we expected her to train our little Yorkie, however, towards the middle of the training process, we realized it was us that needed the training. Joanne was extremely patient with us and King enjoyed all the attention that was given to him. I’m glad we made the choice to equip ourselves and King with the appropriate training and guidance. We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we become the “pack leaders” of our house. ”

Kai, a one-year-old mixed breed dog, recently moved in with her “great aunt”.  Kai was used to living with lots of other dogs and people, so she wasn’t used to being alone, and would bark, drool and occasionally potty when her new owner left for any period of time.  She had one session with Bark Busters and a few days later her owner said “I think we’ve got this” – no more issues.

Winston is a 10 month old Viszla puppy.  His owners were referred to me by another puppy client.  Winston’s owner is a college student, and she goes back and forth between home and her apartment at school and Winston goes with her.  Because she has the Lifetime Support program, if she needs help at school, I can meet her there as well.  And if she ends up moving out of the area after she is done with school, the local Bark Busters trainer will honor the Lifetime Support as well.

Lulu is a Husky mix and only 3 months old.  Her owner has never had a puppy on her own before, so she decided to start off right with Bark Busters’ Puppy Management Lifetime Program.

Rusty is a three-month-old Beagle puppy.  His family are also first-time puppy owners.  They have had Beagles before, but got them when they were a little older, so they started the Puppy Management Lifetime Program too.

Shelby, a terrier mix, also started the Puppy Management Lifetime program recently.  Her Mom needed help with jumping, attention seeking and leash manners.  Here’s what she wrote about a week later:  “After Joanne’s first visit, I saw a difference in Shelby. The techniques she showed me definitely helped. We are still in training, but I am thrilled with the results I have seen. Thank you Joanne!”

Peanut is a three-year-old Pit Bull who has recently started staying in the house more and needed to learn some manners like greeting people that come to the door, not barking at everyone walking by the house, and jumping up.

Lucy is an eight-week-old Great Dane puppy who recently started the Puppy Program.  Her smart owner had me come for the first time the day after they got her, so they could start off right.

Winston is a four-year-old teacup Yorkie.  He was barking a lot — for attention, at people going by, when confined.   He’s a very anxious little boy.  Now that there’s a human baby in the house, his owners decided they needed some professional help.


Lillian is a six month old Boston Terrier.  Her “mom” admits that Lillian is a bit spoiled.  She just needs some guidance so they started with the Puppy Program.  We covered a lot at the first session including jumping, front door manners, barking and walking on leash.

Sky is moving to another state with his owner and will be living in an apartment.  He barks a lot, both inside and outside the house, so she wanted to start working with him before the move to get things under control.  With the Bark Busters Lifetime Support program, she will be able to call the local Bark Busters trainer in her new town if she needs help once she is settled.

Molly is tiny now, but she is a Mastiff mix and will be a big girl.  She is her owner’s first dog, so they wanted to be sure they were doing things right and signed up for the Lifetime Support Puppy Program.

Arthur’s owners needed some help to address barking, jumping and going up and down stairs while they were staying at their winter home in Florida.

Bolt’s family has never had a puppy before.  A co-worker was using Bark Busters for her puppy, and recommended they give us a call.  Border Collies are highly intelligent and needs lots of exercise.  If they aren’t careful, he may start outsmarting them :-), so it was a good idea to get some professional help.

Poppi was a stray in the Miami area, and his new owners needed some help in making him more comfortable around people, getting groomed, and going to the vet.

Oreo is a gorgeous 6-month old German Shepherd who gets very excited when someone comes to visit, or when she sees an animal while out on walks.  Now her owners are teaching her front door manners, not to jump, and behave better on the leash when she sees a dog, cat or squirrel.

These folks have three rescue dogs, and are currently fostering a stray that they may keep.  Benji, the larger Yorkie, is a bit bossy with the other dogs, and all of them needed to learn leash manners.

Milo is a rescue dog who had only been with his new family a few days before they realized he is leash reactive.  He has a very big bark for his size, and used it when he saw other dogs.

Herman, in front, and Jewel (hard to see- sitting on the chair), live in a townhome community with many dogs and lots of wildlife.  Herman is very reactive when he sees animals, and that’s why his owner called.

Guinness and Tank’s owners wanted to get the dogs better behaved before they bring a new two-legged pack member into the mix.


Kona, a 10-week old Pit Bull, and her family started the Puppy Management and Training program.

Winston, a 7-month-old Pug, needed to learn how to leave his older brother alone.  He is also learning how to walk on leash, and stop jumping.

Piper, a 10-week-old Schnoodle, just started the Puppy Program with her first-time-dog-owner “parents.”

His and hers. Trying to bring them together to live in peace. Now they have a plan with the help of Bark Busters.

Boomer and Scarlett will be getting a two-legged sibling soon, so their “parents” wanted to get some unwanted behaviors under control now.

Now here’s double trouble – Louie and Scarlett – two four-month-old Westie puppies. They and their family have just started the puppy program.

Moana, a four-month-old Husky mix, is the first dog for this family.  She is expected to be about 100 lbs. so her owners want to be sure she is well behaved.  They have started the Puppy Management and Training program.


Hershey was recently adopted by a very nice family.  This is his 3rd home, but this time his owners are committed to helping him be a well-behaved dog, so they called Bark Busters.

Chupie, a 10-month-old Lhassa Apso, is a big attention seeker. She doesn’t like it when her “mom” shows anyone else attention, and will bark at her. She was jumping up on everyone, and would dart out the door if she had the chance. Now her “mom” has laid down some new rules with the help of Bark Busters.

Mak, the little Maltese, and Roxy, the Beagle, are learning some new manners when meeting people and when walking on the leash.

Sage, a 3-month-old German Shepard, has started the Puppy Management and Training program — management being the operative word here, as there are two 17-month-old babies in the house as well.

Benny is a six-year-old Doodle dog who gets very excited when he meets new people, or sees certain distractions while out on walks.  His owner’s cousin had used Bark Busters and recommended us.

Check out Riley, a “Florida Brown Dog” who just started the Puppy Management and Training program.  He’s a very sweet boy, and is learning to sleep in his crate and be alone once in a while.

Cici was taken in by these nice folks after an acquaintance became ill.  She had been crated a lot, and is still only a puppy, so she needed to learn some manners in her new home.

Simba needed to feel more comfortable when people came to visit and he did great learning the front door routine.









































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