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Jeff & Cathy Drier your local Tampa dog trainers & behavior expertsJeff & Cathy Drier, your local dog trainers and behavior experts for Tampa

Jeff and Cathy Drier are certified Bark Busters Master Dog Behavioral Therapists and Trainers. They work as a team and have twenty years combined experience. They have worked with over 1500 dogs and their families one-on-one since 2003. They are passionate about helping their clients develop and maintain great relationships based on mutual love, respect, trust and understanding with their canine family members.

Our Clients say it best.

I have already recommended the Driers to a number of my clients. The improvement in my dog's behavior has been remarkable. She had already been through a significant amount of training, yet we had poor control of her jumping on people at the threshold and on walks. Within minutes of Bark Busters training, she was sitting politely and looking to me for permission to greet visitors politely. I will continue to whole-heartedly recommend Bark Busters! What a difference in my dog's behavior! Thanks!
Amber Parker DVM (Veterinary Medical Clinic), Tampa, FL
Jeff and Cathy have helped me in so many ways. I have used their services for both my business and my puppy. I am a pet sitter and have called them so many times for advice to help myself and my clients with issues concerning their animals. They were always so happy to hear from me and never asked for anything in return. I was so happy to use their services when I bought my new puppy. She's a Havanese. These dogs are great but need training to be well adjusted as they are very energetic and smart. My husband and I had Jeff and Cathy come over for a few hours to help us understand how puppies think and what we needed to do in order to have her be potty trained, amongst other things. I called them so many times with help on issues that came up periodically. I’m happy to say that my puppy is now a year old, very well trained and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I are both are very aware that without Bark Busters by our side, we may have had a very naughty dog on our hands. I don’t know what I would have done without their ongoing help, understanding and guidance. They never made me feel that I was calling too much and they also came over to help me work on some issues quite a few times. This service is incredible and for one reasonable price, I have help with my puppy for the rest of her life. It’s a Very comforting feeling. Thanks Jeff and Cathy for being so wonderful and treating Slowpoke and I like family. :)))
Chris Barlow, Owner Aussie Pet Sitter (Tampa, FL)

Jeff is often consulted by other Bark Buster Trainers regarding difficult situations they are working on. He is also regularly speaks with and is consulted by rescue groups, veterinarians other pet professionals regarding canine behavior.

It made total sense! And has helped us know what to do in a way that is understandable to our dogs. We have noticed the biggest change with Zoe. Much less pacing and barking. It seems almost too easy! We are having great success in such a short time and by only making small changes. We are very pleased. We were very happy with our first session. Very successful and enjoyable. Cathy and Jeff are so patient and kind. It has only been two days and there has been tremendous changes in our dogs! I have tried many other trainers and it was all a waste. With Bark Busters not only am I seeing positive changes but understand the reasoning behind it and the behaviors of my dogs.
Kim & Tom Rihel, Palm Harbor, FL
Jean and I talk about Bark Busters every chance we get -- it is one of the best investments we ever made! Winston is truly a well-behaved dog, related to our and his early contact with you and Cathy. We often mention you to friends and family as being both available and expert, and will continue to do so. Thank you for being as good as you are.
Victor Hurst, St. Petersburg ,FL
We were astonished at the effectiveness of the techniques and how quickly they improved our relationships with our dogs. We have a blueprint for the future so we can keep evolving together - And we know where to call for help! It's quite comforting.
Michael & Ann Parsons., Tampa, FL
Techniques were clear and easy to follow. The explanation was great. Bogey seemed to respond to the system right away. Obviously repetition is needed. I love that the techniques are natural to Bogey. We are the ones who need to learn. Very enjoyable It is a new natural way to improve our relationship with our dog. The psychology is interesting. It is a proven, very logical easy to follow system. Jeff and Cathy are GREAT! They show genuine interest is Bogey’s improvement. They have taught us quite a bit in a short time.
Stephanie and Steve Cuervo Tampa, FL

Jeff’s articles have been published on-line and in print including “The New Barker”, “The Tampa Tribune”, “St. Petersburg Times”, “Healthy Pet Care”, “Pet Planet”, “Hearts of Gold”, and many other publications.

You can read a sample of his articles

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We saw an immediate result. We are now in command of our dog. This is awesome!
Beth & Paul Hult Tampa, FL
I didn't have a clue on how to begin training my dog. Jeff and Cathy were so informative and super patient. The main result I noticed was Buster's calmness when using the training techniques. I was shocked that I could get and hold his attention. For a while, I didn't think that would ever be possible. The techniques were so simple I felt a little foolish that I didn't already know how to do it. My husband and I learned how Buster was thinking. We were amazed at how we fed into his bad behavior. Buster and I have a long way to go but I know now that it's up to me. I finally have the tools to help Buster become the great dog I know he is!
Jayne C. Tampa, FL
WOW! I can't believe how fast the technique worked! Both my dogs became 'good dogs' in a flash!
Melissa Roe Palm Harbor, FL
Totally new behavior in just 2 hours!! Very interesting with an understanding from the K9 perspective. Cathy and Jeff were very knowledgeable and obviously have a sincere desire to help our four legged friends. THANK YOU!
Lynne S. - Tampa, FL

If your relationship with your dog is causing you concern, stress, frustration or anxiety and it’s not what you imagined when you first brought Rover home, speak with us and prepare to stop worrying about Rover’s behavior.

Call Jeff & Cathy at 1-877-500-BARK (2275) or e-mail us directly

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