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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Jeff and Cathy quickly gained a good understanding of our issues. They were patient and helpful. The methodology is logical. Hopefully we will be successful in its execution.
Pamela D., Tampa, Florida 17th May 2017
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for the review! We thought you did great and remember we are here to help if you get stuck. Jeff & Cathy

They were very informative and gave us insight into way Ruby has certain behaviors. They assisted in giving us direction to change our actions that will then change Ruby's behavior.
Vikki W., Tampa, Florida 21st April 2017

Jeff and Cathy are amazing trainers. This is our second session and I can see the difference in our dogs. Thank you so much
Jendry M., Tampa, Florida 12th April 2017

Jeff and Cathy are amazing trainers. This is our second session and I can see the difference in our dogs. Thank you so much
Jendry M., Tampa, Florida 12th April 2017
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for the review. We both think Milo and Oliver are responding nicely. Keep up the great work!

We are absolutely impressed with Jeff and Cathy.After only a few hours our dogs our dogs started pay attention and listen to us ! We can highly recommend Jeff and Cathy to help correct any bad dog behavior problems. Thank you Jeff and Cathy !
Malgorzata W., Palm Harbor, Florida 30th September 2016

Jeff and Cathy are fantastic! We have noticed an immediate improvement in our dogs behavior and a lasting effect with the training tools and methods that Jeff and Cathy have introduced us to. We are so happy with their services and knowledge. We would highly recommend Jeff and Cathy in an instant to anybody who is looking for attentive and thorough, highly skilled professionals. Our original goal was to be able to walk our dog on a leash without them constantly trying to pull us over (boxer mixes, 95 & 75lb dogs). We have made a ton of progress and still have a ways to go, as its only been a couple weeks, but each visit provides new updates and items to work on and we continue to make progress. The success we have had to date has by far exceeded my expectations. In just a few minutes of explanation we have also stopped them from jumping at the door to go out and breaking them of rushing the door when the doorbell rings. Our boys are very energetic and the training has helped reinforce their loving personalities but in a controlled manner. We are happier and the dogs are happier because of it.
Erik and Rachel S., Palm Harbor, Florida 3rd September 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much, keep up the great work with Otis and Brutus and keep us posted.

Jeff & Cathy are great! Our pup, Molly, has an anxious personality & since we've started working with Bark Busters, she's growing into a relaxed, snuggly, playful puppy. Molly now comes when called, without having to give her a treat. She's no longer pulling on her leash & has made great strides not jumping on guests coming into our house. I have no doubt that she's going to grow into an obedient, happy girl. We were extremely excited to find quality trainers in Tampa that do not use E-Collars. Jeff & Cathy are very professional, have been on time for every training appointment & have kept a regular schedule for our training sessions. We look forward to continuing to work with Bark Busters.
Nicole W., Tampa, Florida 24th June 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much Nicole. You and Nick are great to work with, you are dedicated and obviously do your homework. The proof is in how well Molly is responding to you both. We've seen a wonderful transformation in her, all due to your efforts. Keep up the great work!

We recently adopted a 1-1/2 yr old female Chihuahua named Stella. We have two other dogs who are almost eleven years of age and very mellow and stable. We wanted to make sure we helped Stella get adjusted to our dogs an,us and help get some ground rules set up for all three dogs. Jeff & Cathy helped us understand what we were doing incorrectly and showed us and left us with some great tools and exercises to implement in the future. Jeff followed up with me a few days later and answered all my questions. It has gotten a lot quieter around the house in the week we have been training. I look forward to seeing how the pups are in a few months.
Katharine & Steve T., Tampa, Florida 23rd March 2016
Trainer's Comments
Hi Guys, Thanks so much for your review. We saw all your dogs respond really nicely. Keep working with them and it will be even better in a few months. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

I am very happy. It was explained that though my issue is aggression, we need to connect other issues I wasn't aware of in order to solve the aggression. I'm happy to have found understanding and patient trainers (Cathy and Jeff Drier) We have a way to go but so far I think this will be very good.
Rose W., Tampa, Florida 8th March 2016
Trainer's Comments
Rose Thank you for your comments. We think you are on the right path and with consistency we are sure you will be successful. Cleveland and Patina have been responding well to what you are doing We notice they are both calmer and more responsive to you.

Jeff and Cathy are excellent trainers. The method is really working with our dog Higgins. Mia is 13 years old and already well trained. Higgins is eleven months and all puppy. High energy is putting it mildly but Jeff and Cathy are doing a great job channeling this energy. This "stuff" really works. THANKS> Ron & Sherry.
Ron M., Tampa, Florida 2nd March 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thanks! You are all doing great! Keep up the great work with Higgins and Mia.

My dogs were very hyper and sometimes aggressive on their walks. I was not the boss. And with their help I have established that role easily. My dogs are responding and I am positive that they will be fine as long as I am in control. It has been a positive experience.
Shelley S., Tampa, Florida 3rd February 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thanks Shelley, we both have seen a lot of improvement in your dogs' behavior. Keep up the good work.

Zophia is adorable and sweet, but NOTHING worked to get her to listen or follow commands, this program worked!! We are so happy. It worked in 15 minutes and it is still working 3 weeks later. WE ARE AMAZED and still can't believe it!
Stephanie & Randy S., Oldsmar, Florida 16th January 2016
Trainer's Comments
Great Job Guys, keep up the great work. Zophia is certainly adorable and now responsive too, what could be better?

The training as been helpful in controlling the dogs.
Bruce B., Oldsmar, Florida 17th December 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much, please keep us posted.

Training went great Jeff and Cathy are amazing with Babe
Cynthia L., Palm Harbor, Florida 16th December 2015
Trainer's Comments
Babe is a real cutie and you are doing a great job with her.

Jeff and Cathy Drier were excellent! They were beyond our expectations.
Helen & Wayne E., Tampa, Florida 10th December 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much for your nice comments. We also felt Harley and Daisy responded very well. Keep up the good work!

They (Jeff & Cathy) did an astonishing job! I will definitely recommend to others!!
Brian S., Trinity, Florida 18th October 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Brian, We enjoyed meeting and working with you Bonzo and Gaelan. Please keep us posted as to how things go.

Jeff and Cathy were fantastic! They gave me simple tools to build a lasting foundation in my relationship with my dogs. After 1 day of training I have seen a complete turn around in how my dogs greet guests, listen to commands, and overall respect me as head of the house. I 100% recommend them for all your training needs.
Jamie L., Ybor city, Florida 9th July 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much Jamie, We really liked working with you all and both Cathy and I both thought that YOU did great! We're really happy that you are seeing the results. Keep up the great work!

Jeff and Cathy were very professional and we are confident that their training will help us to be better pet owners
Joy and Sam H., Oldsmar, Florida 20th June 2015

Jeff & Cathy did a great job!
Tom M., Trinity, Florida 19th June 2015

Jeff and Cathy were absolutely wonderful and very helpful in training us to train our dog. They had a lot of experience and firsthand knowledge of training techniques. They always had ideas for us to use to help in her training and were very patient with teaching us to teach Keta. The change in our dog has been remarkable thanks to Jeff and Cathy and their training techniques. It has been a wonderful experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Barbara R., New Port Richey, Florida 3rd June 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much Barb. You are Marty were great students and did your homework. Great Job!

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