Customer Reviews of Home Dog Training Tampa FL

Very easy to follow and understand. The folder with all of the information is a great reference. Amazing results, I am so pleased. I can't believe how quickly Oscar responded to the techniques. The most effective dog training I've ever seen! Jeff & Cathy are wonderful. I Love BARK BUSTERS! Thank you!
Jaclyn Lyons, Tampa, TL 25th March 2007

Both dog and owner will be much happier. Cathy and Jeff were professional and demonstrated a true dedication to their job. We look forward to working with them again.
Donna P., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Instant results! It was interesting to learn how dogs think and view dominance. Love the techniques...very effective. Jeff and Cathy were very nice and complemented each other very well.
John C., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Great program!
Patricia D., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Totally new behavior in just 2 hours!! Very interesting with an understanding from the K9 perspective. Cathy and Jeff were very knowledgeable and obviously have a sincere desire to help our 4-legged friends! THANK YOU!
Lynne S., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Towards the end of the first session, Sydney was a changed dog. Once she was made aware of acceptable behavior, she was so happy to be integrated back into the family life. It was simple and effective. It was very interesting how easy it was to show Sydney who was the new pack leader. I enjoyed learning the reasons behind her behavior.
Stacy and Jeff L., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

We saw an immediate result. We are now in command of our dog. This is awesome!
Beth and Paul H., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

I saw dramatic results. At the end of the first session, I had a new dog. It was truly amazing. My frustrations, stress and worries aobut my dog's behavior went away after one training with Bark Busters.
Susan B., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

WOW! I can't believe how fast the technique worked! Both my dogs became 'good dogs' in a flash!
Melissa R., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Very effective methods and the lifetime guarantee = awesome!
Theresa D., Tampa, FL 17th October 2006

Hello Jeff and Cathy, Now seriously, did you take our dog and leave us with another one???? I can't believe we are living with the same dog that has made us crazy for two years. I had high expectations for your first visit, and you have completely exceeded them. Using the techniques you showed us, here are some examples of the changes we have seen in Coco in less than 36 hours: When we sit on the couch, he sits calmly on the floor or next to us without whining or jumping. Ethan and I played with puzzles on the floor while Coco laid quietly behind me. Coco stays patiently in the family room while we prepare meals in the kitchen. He waits for us to call him in or out of the door. He pees in our own yard instead of running across the street. We brought home a crate today, and he is already sleeping in it!!! He is not following us through the house nearly as much as he did before. He played with the buddy cube for at least a half hour, and managed to get treats out. He seems calmer and happier.
Ann Marie & Jeffrey H., Tampa, FL 21st July 2006

Zoe is really responding well. Very effective methods and the lifetime guarantee is awesome!
Theresa D., Tampa, FL 8th June 2006

We were "blown away" by the quick results! We were amazed that Leia was making changes in a few hours :) Our dog is becoming a better dog each and every day since the training as we continue to work with her. Jeff & Cathy were excellent and we're so happy that we did the Bark Busters training
Brad & Meredith D., Tampa, FL 8th June 2006

It's the BEST money I have EVER invested! I am on the 3rd day of "training" and I already have a different dog!!!! The training works and works QUICK! I am truelly amazed at how fast he has caught on and the "training" is so easy and understandable! I cannot say enough good things about my trainers and Bark Busters as I had a 90 lb, 11 month old, Rottweiller that was completely uncontrollable three days ago and now, he is calmer, happier, and LISTENS!
Kathy, Tampa, FL 27th February 2006

The concepts seem so simple and so basic - I guess that's why they work so well. We saw noticeable results within two hours and have been building on those ever since. Ruthie and Ida seem to relate very well to the techniques we've been taught. The 2½ hours seemed more like 30 minutes - Time fly by. I will recommend Bark Busters to everyone!
Rich B., Tampa, FL 4th December 2005

To see results almost immediately was amazing!
Debbie C., Oldsmar, FL 4th December 2005

I finally feel that I can have a truly enjoyable relationship with my dog.
Cheryl K., Tampa, FL 3rd December 2005

The main result I noticed was Busters' passiveness when using the training techniques. I was shocked that I could get and hold his attention. For a while, I didn't think that was possible. My husband and I loved learning how Buster was thinking. We were amazed at how we fed into his bad behavior without meaning to. I finally have the tools to help Buster become the great dog that I know he is.
Jayne C., Tampa, FL 3rd December 2005

I was very pleasantly sirprised by the success of the Bark Busters methods. It is wonderfully simple and our dog and we are a lot happier. I had thought that our dog was a lost cause and now he is a wonderful pet and we are in control. Thanks for saving Ned and us.
Paula F., Tampa, FL 3rd December 2005

We noticed a difference in her behavior after the first day of using the techniques we learned.
Laura M., Tampa, FL 3rd December 2005

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