Customer Reviews of Home Dog Training Tampa FL

Jeff and Cathy were very professional and we are confident that their training will help us to be better pet owners
Joy and Sam H., Oldsmar, Florida 20th June 2015

Jeff & Cathy did a great job!
Tom M., Trinity, Florida 19th June 2015

Jeff and Cathy were absolutely wonderful and very helpful in training us to train our dog. They had a lot of experience and firsthand knowledge of training techniques. They always had ideas for us to use to help in her training and were very patient with teaching us to teach Keta. The change in our dog has been remarkable thanks to Jeff and Cathy and their training techniques. It has been a wonderful experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Barbara R., New Port Richey, Florida 3rd June 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks so much Barb. You are Marty were great students and did your homework. Great Job!

We were amazed at the simplicity yet instant effectiveness of the program and Jeff and Cathy specifically. Only regret - having waited so long!
Stephanie G., Tampa, Florida 9th May 2015

Lucy is showing improvement after just one session! The training really works.
Kristi P., Tampa, Florida 20th April 2015

Jeff and Cathy were great! Everyone with a new puppy should seek their assistance!
Joe V., Tampa, Florida 16th April 2015
Trainer's Comments
Joe,Thanks for your comments. Whitney is a great pup and very responsive. Please keep us posted as to her progress. Jeff

We have a long road ahead of us - our dog is still a puppy and she will continue to grow and change. So far we are pleased with the training. The success of the training really depends on my husband and me. We need to be consistent with the methods. Honestly, it is a bit tiring, but that's to be expected. We look forward to having a dog that is well behaved and enjoyable to be around. She is a part of our family and we want to make sure that she well taken care of! :)
James and Beth H., Palm Harbor, Florida 10th April 2015

I was impressed with the techniques used in the training and how quickly my dog responded. Jeff and Cathy explained everything and Watson caught on quickly. I the one who will need to work on the techniques harder than he will!
Alana T., Tampa, Florida 23rd February 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Alana for inviting us to help. Watson is very responsive and a very smart dog. We thought you both did great!

I was very impressed with Jeff & Cathy's knowledge on dog behavior. I have never heard of or used most of these techniques & I must say I'm truly amazed at the positive response I'm having with Keira thus far.
Dayal S., Tampa, Florida 21st January 2015

Extremely informative. Both Jeff & Cathy come across as very knowledgeable, as well as helpful and compassionate. It is/was easy to see that they know exactly what they are doing in how easily Samson responded. Not all problems have been covered...yet! But I know that they will be; that was our fault. We should have been more prepared for the first session with a list of some sort and we were not. Our second session is already scheduled and by then we have a better sense of what we need to express to Jeff & Cathy regarding our and Samson's needs to lead a better health together. I will say that things are already better/different as I sit here at the computer also eating dinner of which Samson is very aware but he is not bothering me at all. As recently as this morning he would have been attempting to eat with me.
Judy & Michael M., Tampa, Florida 2nd January 2015

Excellent Techniques; next day we are already seeing a huge difference in our interactions with Roscoe!
Cynthia & Mike H., Tampa, Florida 15th December 2014

I was very pleased with the professionalism of Cathy and Jeff, the Bark Busters Trainers who came to my house. My dog was almost immediately trained after the interactive training session. If I remain consistent in using the strategies I've been taught to keep my dog from barking and jumping at strangers and visitors I'd have a perfect dog.
Karen L., Tampa, Florida 21st November 2014

We realized we were causing the behavior issues with our behavior. We want Vivian to be comfortable in her role- not stressed as the leader. Vivian responded almost immediately. We never had a verbal way of stopping her misbehavior before. She obviously wanted us to take the lead. We learned how to communicate with her so that she understands. We all learned a lot. Jeff and Cathy gave us a simple plan to follow and we just need to practice. It seems simple but effective. We were surprised to see instant results. With practice we should be able to correct Vivian's issues. Jeff and Cathy were very kind and gave us the tools we need to be sucessful
Kelly and Matt O., Tampaff, Florida 20th September 2014

I liked that I was shown the training technique and then put to work trying it out on my own. The techniques are simple and effective. Jeff and Cathy are knowledgeable. They are wonderful teachers!
Lori S., Odessa, Florida 17th May 2014
Trainer's Comments
Both Lori and Jack are very quick students and we love working with you both.

This method is SO easy and effective!
Robert B., Tampa, Florida 8th April 2014
Trainer's Comments
Walter is such a nice dog, very willing to learn and please. Keep up the great work Robert. You two seem perfect for each other.

First training was yesterday and we can see significant positive change already.
Jan and Mike M., Tampa, Florida 3rd April 2014
Trainer's Comments
We're so happy that you are making such good progress. We saw that Dave and Suzy were much calmer and happier than the first time we met them. Keep up the great work.

They both (Cathy and Jeff) explained a new way of communicating with my dog that I have never done before. It was Amazing! I have had consultations with other trainers and Jeff and Cathy were firm but gentle with Gracie and showed me they can get results without aggressive training methods. I liked how they worked with small goals at first they did not scold me or my dog for doing something incorrect. This is my third large breed dog and I learned things from them about behavior that I never knew before. I liked that they work with you in your own home. That helps to deal with issues that arise in the home. I am looking forward to working with Jeff and Cathy in the future and getting the most I can out of my Newfie.
Melissa and Len V., Tampa, Florida 27th December 2013
Trainer's Comments
We also enjoyed meeting and working with Melissa, Len and Gracie. We both felt that you all did great and we're looking forward to continuing the process with you all. Gracie is a great dog and we're sure with your guidance she'll be the companion you envision.

The program is very thorough. We noticed immediate results especially regarding Cooper's interactions with our son Jake. It is very practical and logical and it's fun! It works 100%! Very effective, Enormous improvements noted daily.
Nichole and Jeff H., Odessa, Florida 12th December 2013
Trainer's Comments
Cooper is a very smart and responsive pup, not to mention cute! Nichole and Jeff have been doing a GREAT job with him. Thanks for letting us help.

We were amazed - particularly the response to someone at the door. We enjoyed the experience and I've already told two neighbors about Bark Busters. We've only had one session so far and I am seeing significant changes in my dogs' behaviors.
Amy M., Tampa, Florida 6th December 2013
Trainer's Comments
We're so happy that things are continuing to improve. We both felt that Roscoe and Daisy responded really nicely and that you and Frank did GREAT! We're also looking forward to continuing the process with you.

Jeff and Cathy did an excellent job and I like the results.
Suzanne D., Tampa, Florida 4th November 2013
Trainer's Comments
It's a pleasure working with you and Chessie. She's a very smart dog and very responsive. Keep up the great work.

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