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Jeff and Cathy explained until I understood exactly. I was amazed that in a matter of ten minutes of leash training Gerdy was walking with me. I feel that the natural techniques change behavior in dogs rather than only when treats are there. I feel their techniques are here to stay - Change Behavior.
Theresa L., Tampa, Florida 22nd October 2013
Trainer's Comments
Thank You Theresa for trusting us to help you and Gerdy. You are both great students and I'm sure with continued practice things will continue to improve. You've made great progress already. Keep up the great job!

Shelbe was noticeably calmer and more attentive
Kathy R., Tampa, Florida 30th September 2013

Absolutely amazed at the immediate changes in Both my dogs. Cathy and Jeff were the best; calm, clear, friendly and knowledgeable. No physical corrections to the dogs, by that I mean no pushing, pinching, nudging etc. and Yes, it was fun!
Trisha D., Tampa, Florida 7th September 2013
Trainer's Comments
Thanks Trisha for letting us help. We thought you did great and Butters and Joey responded nicely. Keep up the great work!

Amazing results after only half an hour. It was challenging, but interesting. Jeff and Cathy's calm radiated into our household and made training Bentley much easier.
Becky K., Tampa, Florida 13th August 2013

Cathy and Jeff were great to work with! It's obvious they have a passion for helping dogs and their owners build strong bonds. I was pleasantly surprised by my dog's reactions to the simple and easy training techniques.
Michelle Anderson, Tampa, Florida 23rd June 2013

Very practical approach that worked right away. Quite a relief, no frustration
Mary Ann and Bill Hart, Tampa, Florida 13th May 2013

Cathy and Jeff were very knowledgeable about training techniques. I feel much more confident now. The techniques were simple and effective. I found Jeff and Cathy to be a pleasure to work with.
Lynn Raffin, Tampa, Florida 13th May 2013

Cathy and Jeff Drier are effective trainers. They were pleasant to work with and the results with my dogs have been amazing. I am very pleased.
Paige Payne, Tampa, Florida 13th May 2013

Training has been great. well worth it. Cathy and Jeff are Awesome!
Troy and Heather Doyle, Tampa 3rd May 2013

Jeff and Cathy were very clear with their presentation and purpose. Sunny has been receptive to commands, Effective. The social construct of the dog world has been very interesting to learn about. Jeff and Cathy were patient with Sunny and showed a lot of interest in her.
Lisa & Edward Woodward, Tampa 3rd May 2013

We are so amazed that results were obtained virtually immediately. Cathy and Jeff are so patient, relaxed and a pleasure to work with them.
Jeff & Kellee Over, Tampa 27th February 2013

Francie, our dog, is a 2yr old rescue with many fears and dominance issues. The training was amazing and how opening our eyes to how we communicate relaxed her.
Becky Gordon, Tampa 23rd February 2013

The discussion of philosophy and techniques was very helpful. My dog was aware of all the signals and reacting in shorter time or anticipating behavior change. It makes sense. My main concerns were addressed in an easy manner. I enjoyed meeting Jeff and Cathy and look forward to working with them further on Teddy's behavior.
Eileen, Hohman 23rd February 2013

Jeff and Cathy had discreet, concise suggestions to address our problems, which was very welcomed! The idea of learning canine behavior is intriguing!
Kate MacIssac, Tampa 23rd February 2013

Jeff and Cathy came to our house in 2010 to help with Lucy, our Great Pyrenees. She had been rescued from a puppy mill where was kept in a cage and had many litters of puppies. She had several behavioral issues that Jeff addressed and her behavior and attitude showed great improvement. She received a citation in December 2011 for nipping a neighbor when she was startled while walking on a leash. Jeff and Cathy met us in a field in the hot sun on very short notice, and he reinforced the lessons that she had learned. He was kind enough to write a letter about Lucy which we presented to the Judge. The letter enumerated her background and her disabilities, which included loss of hearing and vision, and the improvement in her attitude. Based upon this letter, the Judge dismissed the case. We are truly indebted to Jeff and Cathy for their dedication and help for Lucy. Thank you.
Robin Clement, Tampa 19th April 2012

I have never trained a dog before and Cathy and Jeff made it so easy for me I could even teach my husband the training techniques as he was not able to attend the sessions. Our dogs became more relaxed and Happy after our first session. Cathy and Jeff taught us that we need to be the leaders and when we are not the dogs are stressed out. I love that the techniques are non-physical, but mental. I believe my dogs enjoy the training sessions. I've already recommended Bark Busters! Even our friends and family notice a change after our first session with Jeff and Cathy! Thank you Jeff and Cathy for giving us the tools to teach our pets and most importantly allow us to give them a happy and healthy life!!
Heather Scott, Palm Harbor 8th April 2012

Great Training Session! I Learned a LOT!
Corinne Mueller, Tampa 29th February 2012

Kaite seemed more at ease from the first training session. I feel like I understand what Kaite needs from me more.
Jackie Peterson, Tampa 29th February 2012

I saw immediate response from my two boxers. Also impressed that they took their different temperaments into account. I set up another appt. for 1-1/2 weeks after the first. Jeff called in between to help and check up. I was very impressed.
Mary Anne Burns, Odessa 18th July 2011

Results by the end of the training session were beyond my expectations! I felt very comfortable with Jeff and Cathy from the beginning and that was extremely important to me. Princess felt the same.
Victoria Tully, Tampa 19th May 2011

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