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Adoption Diary #1

Adopting a dog is a serious decision, and a little research can make all the difference for everyone’s well-being.

My husband and I have been considering getting another dog for quite some time. Our five-year-old rescue, Rizzo, gets along well with other dogs, and we wanted him to have a friend – plus, we love having them around the house!

Small dog

Meet Rizzo!

After life threw a curveball in the form of recent events – leading to a canceled vacation in May, a slower work schedule, and more time at home than ever before – we decided it was the right time to start looking. We’ve put a lot of thought into this decision and done plenty of research to decide the best fit for our family. We agreed we wanted a female, as it’s usually best to have one dog of each sex – they just tend to get along better.

I started keeping an eye on the adoptable dogs at the wonderful organization where we adopted Rizzo, Canine Castaways. I also began searching Petfinder.com and RescueMe.org – great resources that list dogs from a variety of rescue groups.

And then I saw her on all three sites when she was initially listed:

Dog Needing Adoption

Sunshine, Adopt Me!

Seems like I lean towards a certain type, don’t I?

Luckily, our adoption application was approved, and we are going to meet her in a couple of days! But first, we need to prepare. I’ll be sharing information as we undertake this adoption journey in the hopes that our experience will help others who are, or will be, doing the same.

Stay tuned for my next installment as we get our house ready and meet Sunshine!

Joanne Rice lives and works in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. For more information, call Joanne at 813-240-6848 or visit or www.barkbusters.com.


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